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Welcome to the Official Website of Noyokamo!

Noyokamo is new artist from kazakhstan that
making music, drawing art and making thing.





and have little lore about Noyo

Noyo the bot is a Noyokamo's sona, also known as alternative name is (NYM-1328), the bot that working on Programming, Making music and Drawing art, Also he enjoying playing games, listen EDM song, watching movie 'n' anime and hangout to chatting discord. Unknown age (Don't ask him for age), The kazakh bot (but made this bot from japan and america, then going to kazakhstan), Helmet have emote and face picture.



Here's my story about me

In September - October 2019, I just want to be amazing and popular with artists and things (I don't know, what I add other), I have calling nickname is "LyonDrive". I have registered SoundCloud as a music producer or music listener. LyonDrive is just an artist, music fan, and also a thing, Also everybody wants to ask me for drawing with LD's mascot, I can draw for my class friend and not only. oh yeah, I have a mascot (or sona) for LD is just a cyber lion. But everybody don't with chatting with LD's group and My friend unliked for I sent a good video from youtube but what wrong with me?

November, LyonDrive are gone and no more thing from LD, In December, I don't know what I calling my NEW nickname. I used my first and last name for making a nickname (Nikita orekhov), then using Japanese words (examples: yokamo, Yokohama, or yokai), I used google for searching with words, I just my nickname only MINE. I have 2 words: No and yokamo, then "No" placing in the first letter Yokamo and I did my new nickname, Noyokamo! I joined Newgrounds for drawing art and making music, and also on new year's day, I registered on other social media!

January 2020, I started asking black man's artists for supporting me to be popular and amazing, I drew a lady cat fanart, then I coloring and sending with my second account Twitter, everybody likes my work! (also I becoming like a talent!). Continuing drawing another artist for supporting more, he's like my fanart and retweeted and likes. I just added 3 guys in discord to being friends and chatting about what I want for the feedback on my work! My first music but deleted my work is CyberWater, I made cool music but I don't have an idea for making add sound and sending My first music in Newground (Not published in SoundCloud), I think my work "cyber water" is bad that make me Embarrassing and I can't listen to my work.

February 2020, I made my first character for the Chinese new year is Janea Phillips, I don't idea about adding information about what she doing and what she likes and dislikes, I drew my character with CNY to celebrating this year. I really want to challenge my fanwork for Sonic the hedgehog and also I want to watch this amazing movie! But I have a big problem with myself, I don't understand for Why everybody hates me to never understand me, bullying and humiliations, did What I do wrong?
Not only in this but street, Place and School again hates me

March - April 2020, 3 popular Twitter artists stopped supporting, likes, and retweets, Leaving my beta discord server for I don't have 18 or what. I joining on Toki's discord server to I want to become friends with Toki-crew for showing my work, music, and art. I just showing with the first remix that I saw to popular memes is coffin dance's song (aka Vicetone & Tony Igy - Astronomia) and publishing my remix in Newgrounds again, I wrote in the description for asking for 10 votes to remix part II, Then Toki-crew becomes a friend to me with following to following back on Twitter and I have happy!

June - August 2020, I count on making a remix with 3 memes, Xue Hua Piao Piao, Wide Putin's song, and Astronomia again. After August, I made my 3 remixes and uploading in Newgrounds (Not uploading in Soundcloud again). But I have something a mistake in my work, who doesn't like my Astronomia part II for a growl is loud and so bad. I don't steal an idea, I made ONLY my idea remix.

[ 5 months later ]

January - May 2021, I don't have an idea for I want to draw fanart or just. In May, I starting drawing art this year with EDM artist, streamer, and friend's birthday. Also, I made a special new character that my character must be Noyokamo's sona is Noyo the bot! My middle school is done and my teacher giving questions for me with this "Who will you become?". I don't have an Idea for becoming a professional for example builder, hairdresser or just computer working? I chose to become with computer working for drawing art, making music, programming, visual and creating thing, And now everything will be okay.

Noyo's orange liguid background.png


Who are me 'n' What is Noyokamo?

Noyokamo, also known real name is "Nikita Orekhov", an Artist, Music Producer, and Programming from Kazakhstan that drawing art, producing cool riddim 'n' EDM sub-genre, coding programs, and video games with Noyodev. Since 2019